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Mimus mostra 2021

Mimus Mostra 2021

Mimus showcase 2021 Online live broadcast of Mimus’s repertoire – O Tigre, Refazendo Salomé e Mar.

The project included an online corporeal mime workshop and virtual chats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mimus Showcase had the financial support from the State of Bahia through the Secretariat of Culture and the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia (Programa Aldir Blanc Bahia) via Aldir Blanc Law, directed by the Special Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Tourism, Brazilian Government.

Teatro Gamboa Online (jan/feb 2021).



Mimus Mostra Acessível 2021

Accessible Mimus Showcase

Performanes of Mimus’s repertoire (O Tigre, Refazendo Salomé e Mar) with interpretation in Brazilian sign language (LIBRAS) and audio description (Apr 2021).

The shows were interpreted by Iracema Vilaronga (audio description) and Raquel Ferreira da Silva (sign language).

See an excerpt from MAR with audio description in Portuguese…
and an excerpt from O Tigre translated in Brazilian sign language!

VI Mostra de Mímica Contemporânea (SP) -2021

VI Contemporary Mime Showcase (Sao Paulo) – 2021 Curating, panel discussions and repertoire performances
Projeto Mímicas (SP)
General coordinator: Victor de Seixas

Corporeal mime workshop

Corporeal mime workshop(2018)

Corporeal mime workshop: creation and improvisation
At Escola Angel Vianna (RJ) – 2018

Na fila (2017)

Queueing up(2017)

With Companhia de Teatro da UFBA – the Federal University of Bahia’s theatre company).
Corporeal mime training .
Directed and devised by: George Mascarenhas
Written by: Deborah Moreira

George Mascarenhas talks about the play Na Fila (Queueing up). Click here.

Feira Mimus (2016)

Feira Mimus (2017)

A cultural diffusion project in Bahia.

Performances of Mimus’s repertoire – Alegria de Viver, Jogo da Memória, and O Tigre – and mime workshops.

Teatro Amélio Amorim (mar/may 2016). Financial support: FUNCEB-Ba

Check out this newspaper clipping!


II Mostra internacional de mímica - Brasilia DF

II International Mime Festival of Brasilia (2016)

In 2016, Mimus participated in the II International Mime Festival of Brasilia.

Mimus performed Jogo da Memória at
Teatro Plínio Marcos (Brasília) and Teatro SESI (Taguatinga).

The festival was coordinated by reknowned Brazilian mime Miqueas Paz.
Watch the interview! (in Portuguese only)

Corporeal Mime Workshop - Pierre Verger Foundation (2016)

Mimus and Fundação Pierre Verger (2016)

Fundação Pierre Verger educational project. Corporeal mime free workshop (apr 2016).

Teatro Castro Alves - Corporeal mime workshop

Corporeal mime workshop at TCA (2016)

Corporeal mime workshop with George Mascarenhas and Deborah Moreira.

The workshop gathered 20 artists and corporeal mime beginners.

Mostra Mimus (2013)

Mimus showcase (2013)

Performances of repertoire shows Alegria de Viver and Jogo da Memória plus corporeal mime workshops (abr 2013).
Teatro Xisto Bahia

Mimus shows repetoire at Xisto!

Alegria de Viver - Touring in Bahia (2010)

Alegria de Viver – Touring in Bahia – 2011

Performances of Alegria de Viver and formative actions in Ilhéus, Brumado, and Jequié (2011).
Jurema Penna Award (Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia)

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Peter and the Wolf - BTCA/OSBA - 2016

Mimus and BTCA (2011)

In 2011, Mimus joined Teatro Castro Alves dance company – BTCA – for a corporeal mime workshop as preparation for the company’s production of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf directed by Jorge Vermelho.

Barquinhos de papel

Paper boats (2010)

Showcase of Viva Mímica, Barquinhos de papel (Paper boats) is a corporeal performance of a collection of Brazilian poems directed by George Mascarenhas and Deborah Moreira.
The performances took place at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia having the Bay of All Saints for setting.

Viva mímica 2010

Viva Mímica 2010

In 2010, Mimus produced the second edition of Viva Mímica with free corporeal mime workshops taught by George Mascarenhas and Deborah Moreira.
Workshop was taught by George Mascarenhas and Deborah Moreira for 30 participants.

The project was financed by Fundo de Cultura do Estado da Bahia.


Viva Mímica - 2009

Viva Mímica 2009

Mimus’s first edition of Viva Mímica, the project offered free workshops of mime and physical theatre for 200 participants.
Viva Mímica had the financial support of the Cultura Foundation of Bahia and the institutional support of Faculdade Social da Bahia.
George Mascarenhas, Deborah Moreira, Juliana Rangel, Hector Briones, Jacyan Castilho, and Jorge Alencar.